abstract taking viagra with watermelon 	Establishment of the New Ecuadorian Solar Physics Phenomena Division what is cialis pills used for

cialis order Crucial physical phenomena occur in the equatorial atmosphere and ionosphere, which are currently understudied and poorly understood. Thus, scientific campaigns for monitoring the equatorial region are required in order to provide the necessary data for the physical models. Ecuador is located in strategic geographical position where these studies can be performed, providing quality data for the scientific community working in understanding the nature of these physical systems. The Quito Astronomical Observatory of National Polytechnic School is moving in this direction by promoting research in space sciences for the study of the equatorial zone. With the participation and the valuable collaboration of international initiatives such us AWESOME, MAGDAS, SAVNET and CALLISTO, the Quito Observatory is establishing a new space physics division on the basis of the International Space Weather Initiative. In this contribution, the above initiative is presented by inviting leaders of other scientific projects to deploy its instruments and to work with us providing the necessary support to the creation of this new strategic research center.

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